Sponsoring Families in Crisis - Emergency Assistance Program

Welcome to the GOALS Initiative Emergency Assistance: Pay It Forward Program, a heartfelt initiative committed to offering crucial assistance to individuals and families facing urgent challenges. This program is thoughtfully crafted to address unexpected hardships by concentrating on three key necessities: utility support, partial rental aid, and essential food assistance.

Purpose: Life can be unpredictable, and unexpected hardships such as medical emergencies, natural disasters, or financial crises can leave individuals and families in dire need of immediate assistance. Our program is designed to provide rapid financial support in these critical moments, embracing the ethos of 'Paying It Forward.' When beneficiaries are back on their feet, they are encouraged to help others in turn, creating a continuous cycle of support and solidarity.

Fund Allocation: Your donations are meticulously channeled into three vital areas of support:

  1. Utilities Assistance: To ensure that those facing financial difficulties do not have to live without basic utilities like electricity, water, and heating.
  2. Partial Rental Support: Providing crucial aid in rent payments to prevent homelessness and ensure housing stability for those in sudden financial distress.
  3. Food Aid: Offering essential sustenance by funding grocery and food needs, ensuring that no individual or family goes hungry in times of crisis.

Program Objective: The goal of the program is to support families or individuals in Oklahoma and Virginia who are grappling with financial difficulties. We offer one-time grants designed to cover critical needs such as groceries, utility bills, or rent payments. To qualify, applicants are required to furnish proof of residency and income. Each application is assessed individually, based on program criteria, to ensure that assistance is directed to those who are most in need.

To apply for financial assistance, applicants are required to secure a referral from a recognized professional, such as a counselor, clergy member, or social worker. Once the referral is reviewed and approved, the GOALS Initiative, Inc. will issue an email containing detailed instructions. It is crucial for applicants to follow these instructions meticulously. Those who receive a 'notice to proceed' should promptly submit their full application. For any questions or guidance regarding the application procedure, our office is available to offer support and assistance.