About the Scholarship

The Sharon Cuffee Murphy Scholarship Program (SCMSP) was established by GOALS Initiative Inc. in July 2013 as a means of providing financial aid for survivors of domestic violence and children who have lost parents to domestic violence. The program aims to assist eligible applicants in covering the costs associated with pursuing postsecondary education at an accredited institution, such as a college, university, or trade school.

Selection for SCMSP scholarships is based on a range of criteria, including academic achievement, financial need, and personal statement, with priority given to those who demonstrate the greatest need and potential for success. Scholarship recipients also receive ongoing support and resources, including mentoring and networking opportunities, to help them navigate the challenges that may arise from their experiences with domestic violence.

Ultimately, the goal of SCMSP is to promote self-sufficiency, financial stability, and independence among survivors and their families. The founders of GOALS Initiative Inc. believe that education is a critical component in breaking the cycle of domestic violence, and they are committed to supporting survivors and their families in their pursuit of a better future. The program is named in honor of Sharon Cuffee Murphy, a victim of domestic violence who tragically lost her life.