Pay It Forward: Backpacks for the Homeless

GOALS Initiative, Inc offers a community service program called "Backpacks for the Homeless" that aims to provide essential items to individuals experiencing homelessness. The program distributes backpacks filled with basic necessities such as non-perishable food items, water bottles, thermal clothing, socks, undergarments, blankets, and personal hygiene items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, feminine products, shampoo, and conditioner. Optional items such as first aid kits, pocket warmers, and flashlights may also be included.

The program's primary objective is to provide immediate assistance to homeless individuals and help them meet their basic needs. Additionally, it aims to raise awareness about homelessness in the community and encourage community involvement in helping those in need. The program may also provide informational materials on available resources, services, and shelter information that may assist homeless individuals in transitioning off the streets and improving their lives.