SCMS Scholarship Requirements

Sharon Cuffee Murphy Scholarship Program Overview

The Sharon Cuffee Murphy Scholarship Program (SCMSP) began as a project of GOALS Initiative Inc. in July 2013. The Sharon Cuffee Murphy Scholarship Program (SCMSP) is a fund developed to provide financial assistance for higher education to survivors of domestic violence or children who lost one or both parents to domestic violence. The scholarship is inspired by a mother who was killed as a result of domestic violence. The primary focus of SCMSP is to develop and enhance efforts to end domestic violence and child abuse while promoting education.

Education is the gateway to opportunity. SCMSP’s objective is to provide financial assistance via a scholarship to qualified applicants. A college education can help graduates obtain employment, financial stability, independence and self-sufficiency.

                                                  “A LIFETIME OF LEARNING”

Scholarship Requirements

Scholarship Open/Close Dates

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• Must be referred by an approved referral source: guidance counselor, case manager, behavioral health/social professional, crisis center or pastor


• Requires one (1) Character Reference Letter


• Must be a high school senior or college student between the age of 17-25* that has lost one or both parents to domestic violence OR


• Must be a single person between 17-25 who is a survivor of domestic violence OR


• A single parent who is a survivor of domestic violence between the ages of 17-35



• Must be enrolled at an accredited technical school, college or university


• Must provide proof of enrollment in a certificate, technical, associate, undergraduate or graduate program


• Must be a US citizen AND resident of Oklahoma or Virginia


• Minimum GPA requirement of 2.5


• No violent criminal history



Please note: High School Seniors under the age of 17 may apply*



The ultimate goal is to empower these individuals to become self-sufficient and independent through education. We firmly believe that education
leads to better opportunities for individuals and their families.


All applicants, must be referred by a professional agency. 

 Scholarship             Open/Close Dates

Spring Open/Close Timeframe

Open: November 1st

Closes: January 31st

Fall Open/Close Timeframe

Open: May 1st

Close: July 31st