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If you are the referring agency, please complete the form below.

Online Application

If you are an approved Referral Source, please complete the form below to recommend a candidate. Please ensure that the criteria below has been met.

• Must be referred by an approved referral source: guidance counselor, case manager, behavioral health/social professional, crisis center or pastor


• Requires one (1) Character Reference Letter


• Must be a high school senior or college student between the age of 17-25* that has lost one or both parents to domestic violence OR


• Must be a single person between 17-25 who is a survivor of domestic violence OR


• A single parent who is a survivor of domestic violence between the ages of 17-35


• Must be enrolled at an accredited technical school, college or university


• Must provide proof of enrollment in a certificate, technical, associate, undergraduate or graduate program


• Must be a US citizen AND resident of Oklahoma or Virginia


• Minimum GPA requirement of 2.5


• No violent criminal history



Please note: High School Seniors under the age of 17 may apply*


The ultimate goal is to empower these individuals to become self-sufficient and independent through education. We firmly believe that education
leads to better opportunities for individuals and their families.